The Bureau functions as a supportive umbrella for freelancers and social enterprises to take advantage of collaborative formats for developing their work. Collectively the bureau is a convergence of thought leaders, professionals, specialists, techies, developers researchers and freelancers that deploy their expertise as one force for good. It is the true manifest in the power of synergy and letting everyone focus on what they are good at. The Bureau leverages shared workspaces and social networking to tap into the immense desire among freelancers to expand opportunities and social connections.

Are you a filled with purpose, passion and dedicated to achieving your won ideals? Have you considered joining The Bureau? Join our world where we do not make a difference but together we are THE DIFFERENCE.

The Bureau offers our members creative independence inspired by a strong sense of community. It is a growing movement forging new paths for freelancers in an increasingly unstable work world. The single minded objective is to advance the regions gig economy marked by flexibility, instability, innovation, and legal and financial uncertainty by building a community where they define their own realities.
The Village offers a home mixed with physical meeting spaces, open-source technology, and digital organizing to help workers build creative and economic independence as well as a community. We provide the connective tissue between the community’s contributing members, freelancers, and social enterprises alike
This also doubles as a pool of research and consulting resources.