The Innovation Village is a destination entrepreneurs call home. We purpose to deliberately grow innovation by putting in place a platform that challenges assumption, ignites thought and questions status quo. As a launchpad for innovators, we bring together partners, startups, investors and researchers to act as one force for good.

Who We Are
At the backdrop of Uganda being named as the most entrepreneurial country in the world, The Innovation Village offers the next step to cement this recognition through offering

1. A MOONSHOT factory designed to be a tech Launchpad for various startups leveraged on a sharing economy.

2. A bureau to extend the boundaries of research and knowledge within critical growth sectors.

3. A challenge driven accelerator to bring the power of innovation to the needs of government, community and industry.
Our Impact
Our idea is simple, everyone who has an idea that could transform society should be given the opportunity to do so. We are proud to offer a destination for entrepreneurs and innovators with such ideas. As we come together, we create a community of partners, networks, mentors and ultimately a destination for investors, development agencies, corporates and government seeking to experience the transformational role of innovation. Against odds like youth unemployment at 83%, we have converged over 2000 entrepreneurs to reimagine their possibilities by coming together, learning together and growing together


The Innovation Village<br /> a destination for ideas!

The Innovation Village
a destination for ideas!

Every once in a while there comes an IDEA, small probably irrelevant like it doesn't really matter and people often pass it on. At The Innovation Village, we harness these ideas, refine and build upon them to develop scalable business models.