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About The Innovation Village

The Corporate Stuff

For a long time, a standard approach to nurturing innovators has mostly been through innovation competitions and award ceremonies that focus on the top 3 winners out of 100 submissions. 

We built The Innovation Village to be a destination the 97 left out of these opportunities call home. We create an environment where start-ups can grow in confidence and capability, scaling from promising tech to sustainable business.

Our idea is simple, everybody who has an idea that could transform society should be given the opportunity to see what that idea could become.  

Any one with a big Idea and the determination to make it happen is welcome.

The Corporate Stuff

Our vision, our mission, our people and our values aim at inspiring the role of technology in solving challenges for community and industry. 
Curiosity and complex interdisciplinary challenges are what drive us to imagine new possibilities. 

The centre of our strategy is to reinvent the future by bringing together the innovation community to grow the economy and make an impact.We are excited by the existing evidence that innovation can drive a new economy and should be more than just a word that’s thrown around.The startups we support build new technologies not only to create jobs and economic prosperity, but to tackle big problems and improve people’s lives.



Nobody can get there unless everybody gets there- the best way to get stuff done is to work with others.
Deliver on promise

Deliver on promise

Accountability breeds response-ability. Do what you say you will do and the rest will fall into place.
Stand out

Stand out

Do small things in a great way and you’ll soon realize you’ve done great things.
Go Forth

Go Forth

The best way to have a great idea is to try out many ideas- think it, test it, improve the process.
Our advisors are captains of business and industry whose own achievements inspire us to dream bigger. They dedicate their time to The Innovation Village and our entrepreneurs with the objective of realising the potential of this generation of entrepreneurs

Allen Asiimwe

Anthony Kituuka

Barbara Mulwana

Emmanuel Katongole

Jimmy Sserugo

Patrick Bitature

Peter Kimbowa

Phillipe Daniel

CK Japheth Team lead / Managing Director
Irene Kituyi Operations lead
Faith Dorothy Associate Special Projects
Samantha Niyonsaba Project Coordinator
Brian Ndyaguma Programs Lead
Olga Kiconco Innovation As A Service lead
Ivan Kakulu Accountant
Cynthia Kyofuna PR and Communications
Bernice Nyoike Tech and Data Services Lead
Norah Nassiwa Administrator
Linda Namuddu Marketing & communications
Patricia Amongi Administrator

The Impact we seek
through Entrepreneurship.

We believe that Uganda doesn’t need another training program, grant, competition or incubator. What we need is positive economic growth and this will only be achieved by inspiring and equipping our entrepreneurs to dream on a global scale. 

Through failing fast and collaboration we play, make, learn, incubate and innovate. 

We build communities of future thinkers across Uganda inspired by the role technology plays in social economic transformation.  

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