Our Challenge center engages

a broad community of innovators in solving
specific sector problems.

We work with leading organisations spanning all sectors to create innovative solutions to complex and difficult challenges. We start by identifying industry problems, then scout technologies and startups to solve them. 

Driven by the impact and success of initiatives already delivered, we see the opportunity to bring a variety of people together to seek new ways of collaborating, unravel challenges and create unique solutions. 

Using technology to transform industry and disrupt its biggest players is no longer a trend; it’s a digital revolution. We give entrepreneurs access to the facilities, expert advice and introductions to funding that they need to become a part of this revolution across 10 sectors.

Why you should join our platform

We understand entrepreneurs, since we are entrepreneurs ourselves. Therefore we combine knowledge, resources, capital, know-how, network, operational manpower, capabilities, corporate partners, open co-working infrastructure and facilities to establish a foundation for developing successful ventures.

The Future

MasterClasses- Skill Labs

We build today’s most in demand skills through Masterclasses. Our fellowship program also grooms young talent excited about building a career in technology. We channel this talent to startups, corporates and agencies looking to be part of a new future of work.

Smart Mobility.

Energy and Sustainability

Bridge the Gap

Digital Business

Smart Cities

PITCH Nights

We host pitch sessions to showcase the great early-stage startups in our ecosystem allowing them the opportunity to meet their first large partner

Key themes

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