Our Purpose

Core Focus - Frugal Innovation in the context of Africa’s Energy ecosystem

Core Focus - Frugal Innovation in the context of Africa’s Energy ecosystem The Energy Lab works with leading organizations spanning the energy industry and cross disciplinary experts, to support and create innovative solutions that address challenges affecting the community.

We start by identifying problems in the industry, then scout for startups/entrepreneurs that develop technological solutions to solve the identified problems. These solutions are built leveraging frugal techniques whereby solutions are developed where there are limitations in resources forcing the innovators to do more with less i.e. capital is low, resources are scarce, or infrastructure is in need of upgrading.

Our Purpose

To become the leading energy ecosystem builder, enabling disruptive frugal innovations which
result into groundbreaking solutions and technologies that will sustainably transform the energy

Our Niche

We aim to achieve our purpose through:

  • Community building through stakeholder engagements, education initiatives and
  • Designing innovation programs using our 4D Methodology (Discover, Develop, Deploy,
    and Data).
  • Unlocking innovative financing for investment opportunities relevant to the sector.

Thematic areas

Core Priority themes Thematic areas Expected outcomes
Clean Energy 
  • Universal & Equitable access
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy for Productive use
  • Energy, Environment & Climate Action Programming
  • To promote development, utilization and access to affordable, reliable, modern and clean sustainable energy solutions for productive us.
  • To encourage the use of less energy across various sectors to perform the same task thus eliminating energy waste and reducing effective total energy demand through promoting frugal innovations. 
  • To implement, co-ordinate and monitor energy, environment and climate change interventions
Financing for energy startups 
  • Types of accessible capital (finance/funding)
  • Innovative financing mechanisms
  • To create a pipeline of investable startups and entrepreneurs specifying the type of funding required
  • To identify affordable & flexible sources of financing for the startups and entrepreneurs
Supply chain optimization
  • Local manufacturing capabilities
  • Local testing and certification facilities
  • Quick and scalable distribution models 
To reduce barriers to better target under-served populations in Uganda, improving access for some of the hardest to reach and most in need communities
Mainstreaming cross cutting issues
  • Diversity and inclusion responsiveness
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Health, Safety, Quality and Security consciousness
To promote innovation around mainstreaming cross cutting issues within the sector

Who we innovate with:

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