The 2021 DevScape report compiled by The Innovation Village explores the current state and likely prospects of the software developer landscape in Uganda.

We set out to understand the developer ecosystem in Uganda to start conversations aimed at bridging the gaps therein. We wanted to know the number of developers, their level of experience, tech stack, how they learn, and what kind of jobs they are doing.

The 2021 annual developer survey is the first of its kind in Uganda that seeks to not only create a platform where developers can be showcased but also to foster discussions around how to close the gaps especially in job placement and talent development. In our effort to reach as many developers as possible, we used several channels to create awareness about the survey. These included but were not limited to social media, Tech Hubs, emails, word of mouth.

The 2021 DevScape survey reached 1288 developers and was delivered digitally and available to the public via the Innovation Village website. Even though this was the inaugural survey, we saw a completion rate of over 91% with an average completion time of 22 minutes. This validates the importance and relevance of this survey in the developer ecosystem in Uganda.

Uganda’s developer population is young and growing, and the growth of the technology ecosystem, talent pool, and innovation hubs goes hand in hand with the rise of local developer talent. Software development and IT are spreading their influence and affect how various sectors are solving problems.

This report contains insights into the landscape of the developer community in Uganda.


Times have changed and so has the information technology sector. There have been advancements in terms of the software, hardware as well as the demand for the services of professionals who can ably operate within this sector. This DevScape Report explores trends about;

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The 2021 DevScape report by The Innovation Village


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2021 DevScape report

Key findings


Number of developers steadily increasing with a steep rise in the last 5 years.


79.5% of respondents are based in the central region.


74.3% of developers are below the age of 30.


23.1% of Developers are female

Developer Engineering Journey

63.1% code in a professional capacity and 48% are full stack developers

Affiliation to Startup hubs

52.13%, 59% of these at The Innovation Village


64.9% of developer hold bachelor's degree and up to 60% have an online certification.

Area of Specialization

53.1% are Full-stack Developers


Over 85% of the respondents are hungry for knowledge.


Only 30% of developer are in full-time employment and majority earn less than Shs1m.

These trends indicate new opportunities to:

Download the DevScape report

The 2021 DevScape report by The Innovation Village


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2021 DevScape report