The focus of our Academy is to build capacity for individual and institutional innovators and entrepreneurs. Our flagship programs to individuals, teams and organisation both on Innovation practice and management to improve business sustainability and acumen. This is on top of our online platform that has over 500 courses. Some of the initiatives here include CHANGEMAKER Speaker Series, Bootcamps, S4I, Business Foundations, UX, Clinics, Code Camps.

The CEO Lab
The lab is a destination for mentorship and coaching on advanced management and leadership practices for middle and early career journeys. We disseminate good governance and discipline to captains of Business & Industry. In the CEOlab, thoughtleaders share tailored solutions for specific issues of corporations. Executives share their experiences and methods of multicultural and multidisciplinary work in various fields of national and international performance work.
The Grad Lab
The Grad lab focuses on skilling & employability. The program aims to reduce time to impact of new graduates through a deliberate support framework that creates an environment and conditions that enable everyone to release their full potential. Where that environment is not possible, our delivery framework provides a support framework for custom solutions for graduates.