For Startups

Calling the Innovation Village home means positioning yourself to work alongside others like. It presents you with opportunity to think different and the option to tap into fresh talent, insights and ideas on a daily basis. It means being free to fail fast, dust yourself off and try again. From coshared workspace to customized offices, let us worry about your environment so you worry about your startup.

  • Become a member

Join our growing membership of entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, accelerators, corporates and public agencies who now make up more than 130+ companies. We offer a home to both tech and non tech companies who care about changing the world. Sign up here

  • PITCHNight

Join us for a periodical gathering of innovators and entrepreneurs pitching their ideas and ventures to an audience of partners, corporates, investors and stakeholders.

  • 100IDEAS Online Accelerator Program

#100IDEASOnline is our go at building the next generation entrepreneurs over a 12-week intense program. We take a deep dive into your business and operating model leading to a DEMO Day with investors and partners you need to take your venture to the next level.

  • Soft Landing

Do you want to come into Uganda but have no idea where to start? We are happy to offer you a home to get started and will onboard and place you in front of the networks you seek.

Cross border

Our large network of partners in the region and globally mean that we have been where you want to go. We are here to help you reach and break into new markets through our networks.

  • Consulting/Technical Assistance

Take advantage of our large pool of technical resources mostly offered through partnerships to get the much needed strategic insight to your journey.

  • Investment

Every company needs capital to scale. Take advantage of our increasing network of investors both local, regional and global who are keen to talk to the next big ideas. Join the KAIN to connect with our mix of local and foreign investors.