For Development Partners

We are excited to collaborate with partners in development including the government, academia, civil society, local and international development agencies to adopt technology as an engine of growth.

We are home to over 130 startups and companies whose focus is aligned with local and global development objectives. We provide a platform for pioneering solutions that push the boundaries for social impact through research and the development of new programs.

We also carry out action-based research to advance the field of social innovation and inspire you to design and launch initiatives with growth potential.

We invite you to test our solution offerings for

  • Challenge competitions
  • Hackathons
  • Colocation
  • Implementing Partners
  • Events, programming and organising
  • Research and prototyping of new products
  • Custom Development of solutions

Host your event
Take advantage of our creative space built for creative engagements. We have space for as little as 2 to a maximum of 200. If you are looking turn on your creative side, we are looking to give you the space you need to do this.