A chance to be the difference – Could this be you? We are looking for you!!
Are you interested in joining a community of Innovators and Entrepreneurs? We are always on the lookout for great talent who either have great skills or fantastic experiences. Better still, if you are just starting out with your career and have the right skills and attitude of getting things done, then we would love to hear from you.
This is not just another job, it is an opportunity to learn and grow in order to be the difference. The Village provides exciting paths for bring great ideas to life as a Volunteer, Intern, senior partners, Entrepreneur in residence or a Consultant.

We have jobs at the Village!

Do you believe?

  • In experimenting boldly and doing so with a belief of stubborn refusal to accept anything less than the best.
  • That you will fail, but fail forward, being careful not to repeat our mistakes or the mistakes of others. Better still
    that we shall fail fast, fail often, and to doors awaiting because sometimes we fail, other times we learn.
  • In an adventure of a lifetime? Follow an idea to the edges. And keep going. Forego tradition. Trust YOUR instincts.
  • Be who you are Let your natural creativity and curiosity be your guide.
  • That you are here to make a life not a living. To let your journey unfold so that others may benefit.
  • In creating legendary stories. Having more fun. Redefining freedom, anytime and anyplace. Leaving a bigger legacy.

Then you might just be who we are looking forward to talking to! The Village provides exciting paths for bringing great ideas as a Volunteer, Intern, senior partners, Entrepreneur in residence or a Consultant.

About The Innovation Village

The Innovation village is a destination for IDEAS. We believe that Innovation Drives Entrepreneurship & Achievement. The Village is a convergence of different fora that bring together ideas from captains of business and industry, the public and academia to expand the boundaries of knowledge through social innovation.

Our focus is to deliver inclusion across key sectors through building a challenge driven accelerator. Taking pride in Uganda being named as the most entrepreneurial country in the world, The Innovation Village offers the next step to cement this recognition. As a platform the village will unlock added value and will be the difference for various small medium start-ups. At a time where funding has been identified as an inhibitor to creative industry, Our Incubation creates a synergistic environment where entrepreneurs can share learning; create working partnerships; as well as open doors to markets and resources.

The Innovation Village is growing to become a destination for the next big ideas. Resultantly we invest skill and attract capital for viable ventures.

Download full job advert and descriptions to learn more about the available vacancies.

How to apply?

Upon reading and understanding the requirements for the listed vacancies, you are required to send a one pager detailing your experience and suitability to ck@idea.ug. Please note that we are open to engage Volunteers, Interns, senior partners,
Entrepreneur in residence or a Consultant for any of the above roles.

We look forward to building TIV with you!