The Bureau

The Innovation Bureau is a combination of startups, local growth stage, regional and global companies collocating together to form a density like no other. In the Bureau, collaboration is the name of the game and as we come together we increase each other’s competitiveness.



Consulting arm

The Bureau also forms the consulting arm of The Innovation Village. In here we believe that 1 +1 = 11. We keep our ears to the ground and stay on top of trends, while taking the best lessons from global ecosystems and applying them to local needs.

Deploy our creative teams

Market Research & Idea Testing with HCD

Product & Service Design

Hackathons, Sprints & Co-Creation

Collaborative problem solving

Custom Software Development

Testing, Usability & Quality Assurance

How we work

Collectively we converge thought leaders, professionals, specialists, techies, developers researchers and freelancers under one roof. We offer a home mixed with physical meeting spaces, open-source technology, and digital organizing to help workers build creative and economic independence as well as a community. We provide the connective tissue between the community’s contributing members, freelancers, and social enterprises alike.

By creating an entrepreneurial density, we ultimately help corporations, industry, community and government to achieve their strategic objectives. Our unique approach employs a mix of research, capacity support, and competitions to identify, sustain, and scale the most promising solutions

Innovation District

The Bureau is the first step we are taking in a bid to build urban innovation districts, which allow entrepreneurs access to corporations, investors, mentors, university institutions and labs to test their concepts. This has been inspired by our collaboration with The Innovation Village USA.